DARTcrush connects Dallas-Fort Worth's transit culture with each other as well as local hot spots and events. It's a lot of fun - and a little bit flirty.

DARTcrush is more than just

a social app. 

User-generated content lets users review and rank clubs, restaurants, cultural attractions and other local entertainment. There will be contests and promotions designed to generate engagement, build awareness and add value. 

Partnering contributors from around the Metroplex will post entertaining and informative podcasts, video features, essays, articles and photo galleries that cover what's hot and happening in Dallas-Fort Worth and around the DART system.

DARTcrush is a value engineered niche advertising solution for local businesses connected to Dallas-Fort Worth's transit system -- DART. Targets include young and active social segments and cultural clusters such as early adapters as well as Dallas-Fort Worth's "Recent Graduates," "Early Nesters" and "The Creative Class."

The 60 second "Things To Do On DART" commercial targets Young Adults. Primary message focuses on profiles and engagement while secondary message covers events and entertainment.

These 60 second commercials highlight DARTcrush features based on targets.

The 60 second "Social Features" commercial targets Young Female Adults. Primary message focuses on profiles and engagement with other users.

The 60 second "Fun Stuff to do on DART" commercial targets Young Male Adults. Primary message focuses entertainment, events and local attractions.